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Explore & Travel With Profit

LAND is a multifaceted, intuitive and easy-to-use travel app that will maximize your experience in every way possible in any destination you go.

Within the app, you can find guides to hit the city like a local, or you can create your own and share them with other users across the globe.

With LAND, you can generate profit while experiencing your favorite city, or just use and enjoy the app: it’s easy!



With our CREATORS’ program, you can offer users your own in-house city guides and tours. Let your guests and clients explore your city like locals, saying goodbye to those old-fashioned brochures and maps. 


Creation and content sharing

All the guides created within the app can be shared with other users. All the guides include stories, curious facts, photographs and comments. The LAND interface allows you to bring to life anything you can think of. Interacting with social networks is very simple as the interface also allows you to promote ideas and brands, along with your experiences and personal adventures.
You can use LAND as a platform with commercial purposes
CREATORS can use their knowledge, networking and marketing skills to attract other users and affiliate local businesses to their commercial guides.

The coupons found in these commercial guides can be redeemed by users for discounts on services and products. This will generate economic benefits for everyone by increasing traffic and sales for local businesses.

Users can access guides on any topic of interest

LAND makes planning a trip easier than ever! You can find a suitable guide according to your interests, hobbies or that crazy little idea you have in your head.

If you do not have a clear idea of ​​how to organize the trip of your dreams, use LAND to find a suitable guide. We strive to simplify trip planning and allow you to experience the adventures of a local.


LAND’s interface interacts with Google Maps; this way the app allows you to geolocate almost any point of Interest on the planet. This tool will guide you through any book with an art, history, coffee or winery tour – really, anything you can think of can be done. Your vision can truly come to life when you connect to real places with LAND.


The application’s integrated e-reader allows you to geolocate pages and chapters in books! Become an “adventure reader” and experience a more immersive version of your favourite book!


CREATORS work with and recommend their favorite locations/affiliates, increasing traffic to the businesses they’d like to support with coupons for special savings.


Just one word can open a world of possibilities, as explore guides anywhere on the topics of your preference. Follow what’s trending, dig into the unusual, live curiously!


You can choose between free or paid guides from users and CREATORS: the ones you pay for include a few surprises like discount coupons.


Our catalog has more than 50,000 public domain e-pubs that you can experience in the real world through the app.


LAND is linked with Google Maps, so you can select a place of interest and get directions easily on the fly!


CREATORS can easily create and sell guides to the entire LAND community. They can negotiate deals and commissions with businesses and get paid directly through our proprietary digital handshake system, from anywhere in the world.


CREATORS may publish and sell their works through LAND in pdf or epub format. Additionally, they can extend their stories past the dust cover by geolocating relevant places, linking videos and creating deals relevant to their work. This powerful feature set is available only through our platform.