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A letter from the founder

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Founder | 0 comments

Over the years I had many ideas of how to turn this into something. How about Google Earth, maybe it could be leveraged to share locations and content… Maybe a website… How about I find a developer and create a mobile platform to link books to locations… These all seemed like reasonable ideas but there were many flaws. Firstly, how was I going to pay for any of this, and if I could find a way, how would I get it done, and if I could manage to find somebody to help put the team together, how would I manage to build something compelling enough so others would want to use it. People were buying books and taking them on holiday’s, this was already happening… Adventure Reading wasn’t new, it was something I wanted to make bigger and try to get people to enjoy their surroundings more…

So I got to work, I scribbled ideas endlessly until I started seeing something resembling what LAND is today. A platform that has the tools to help one find or create any content relevant to any place. And allow anybody to make or save money using it.

For authors, the eReader linked with the mapping service lets them publish their work and link it to whatever place they wish. The add media function lets them extend their work however they desire. Deal creation lets them partner with businesses they love and bring more value to everybody involved. The SMESRS allows these businesses to be rewarded for their efforts which normally go unnoticed.

The idea which began as a way to extend stories into the real world has turned into something even more interesting, we can realize and share previously untapped value in the world surrounding us to those who want to live in a brighter and more interesting world.