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Land is a companion app that gives you access to guides and guides created by its community, while also letting you create and share your own guides. Thanks to this model, our users can have a wide range of activities, like guides for shopping, nightlife, landmarks and historical sites, curated by locals to let you explore and get to know better the cities you love, all from your smartphone.

To start, simply open the app and create a free account to join the community and immediately get access to categories available for themed guides you can take right from the get go!. Each tour comes with its personalized route to take and the landmarks you’ll be visiting with brief descriptions about them as well as external links to additional info like videos that showcase these points of interests, all neatly organized and presented in an easy to use responsive interface.

On the other hand, if you want to create your own guides, you can do so by inputting the necessary info in the app about the places you expect people to visit. You will have total control regarding the experience you want to share with the community by selecting your own routes, landmarks and your own secret favorite places. From dining trips, to popular haunted landmarks, the possibilities for creating new and fun experiences are almost unlimited.

LAND’s database of guides in combination with it’s literary database of over 50,000 publications makes it the perfect tool for those interested in literary tourism or those just looking for a popular pub crawl. LAND will provide guidance and knowledge of local gems, hotspots and those guides otherwise not publicly available. Whether it is a free or paid guide, there will be deals available along the way at proven and recommended businesses. The app includes ratings for both the guides and the businesses themselves along with total distance and estimate guide durations.