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  1. “We”, “Our” and “Us” LAND Inc., and all corporate bodies, trusts and other entities which LAND Inc. have ownership in, control and/or manage, as well as the directors, officers, partners, trustees, agents, and/or employees of all of the foregoing.
  2. “Website” includes this website in its entirety or any portion thereof, as well as websites accessed or linked to directly and/or indirectly from this website, regardless of domain name, ownership and/or control.
  3. “You” includes all users, readers and/or visitors to the Website.

Our Commitment

At LAND Inc. we respect your privacy. We are committed to obtaining, retaining, using and destroying, collected data and information in a manner that will maintain your confidence in our organization and exemplify our commitment to preserving confidentiality in a secure fashion. As part of this commitment, Borges & Associates has set out this Privacy Policy so as to inform you of the types of data and information that are collected by our organization via our Website and/or other digital communication mediums made via the Internet including email, discussion forums, broadcasts and feeds.

We are committed to providing you with sufficient information so that you may make an informed decision as to whether to visit our Website, correspond with us via email, and/or otherwise use or make other communications via the Internet. You can then voluntarily decide whether you wish to provide us with any personal data or other information which may personally identify you such as your name, date of birth, address, telephone number or email address.

Information Collected

Our organization keeps a log of all its server activities, which logs information such as the Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) accessing our server, a time and date stamp of when the activity occurred, and a timestamp of how long such activity occurred. We use this information to monitor our bandwidth and server demands, so as to provide reliable server uptime and diagnose server malfunctions and/or errors.

When you log in to a secure section of our Website, cookies and sessions, as well as secure/encrypted scripts are used to monitor and restrict your access. Cookies and sessions are data files used to store temporary data to enhance browsing experience and provide for consistent transmission of data. Cookies are stored on the users computer, whereas sessions are stored on our server. We use such tools to verify your access authenticity in logging on and continuously monitor such access credentials so as to avoid unauthorized access to secure sections. Without divulging our security features, please be advised that data such as your computer name, IP address, hardware configuration, and browser information are used to verify your continued access. For greater clarity, the data and information collected by our Website does not allow us to access any private data on your hard drive, other than that which would normally be broadcasted and or transmitted in any event in your general Internet browsing session. Our intent is not to access your private information; our intent is to restrict access to our private information to only legitimately verified users.

In order to obtain a proper username and password to obtain such secure access, we will necessarily collect personally identifiable information from you including your name, address, email address and telephone number so as to confirm your identity and award you suitable access permission. We store all such information using secure database technology and restrict user access to such information.

Please note that we also keep a log of unsuccessful attempts made at logging in to one of our secure access areas. We do this to diagnosis any problems that may arise with legitimate username/password combinations not being successful in logging on, as well as to investigate and/or commence proceedings against unauthorized access or attempts.

When you contact us via forms or direct email, we have implemented several anti-spam features to avoid drain on our servers and bandwidth. In order to enhance the likelihood that your message is successfully sent to us, as oppose to being labeled spam and therefore discarded, we ask that you please use our online contact form until such time as we specifically agree to act for you in a retained capacity and can verify your email address. In communicating with us via direct email or our online contact form, we will request your name, email address and an alternative means of contacting you such as a telephone number, fax number or your mailing address. We do this so as to properly respond to your enquiries and enable us to confirm your identity, should follow-up become required.


We reserve the right to modify, delete or change any portion of this Website Privacy Policy. You should therefore visit this page at each visit to our Website and prior to providing us with any information which may be used to personally identify you so that you are continuously updated.

Restriction of Use

In our sole discretion, we may cancel, terminate or limit your ability to use our Website, or any part thereof, at any time without notice. We will not be be liable to you nor to any other party for damages or other losses arising from the inability to use and/or access our Website.

Access to Other Sites

Our Website links to other sites created and maintained by individuals and/or entities not controlled or associated with LAND Inc. We have no control over such sites, nor their policies regarding policy and information use and collection. We provide such links solely for your information and convenience. You should therefore govern yourself accordingly on the policies set by such sites. We make no warranties, guarantees nor in any other way promote or endorse the information or data provided on such sites. We also do not confirm the accuracy, timeliness, safety and/or veracity of any information provided by such sites. As such, access to such sites from our links are done entirely at your own risk.

Limitation on Liability

We do not guarantee the operation, content, service, nor information provided or supplied directly and/or indirectly from our Website. While we will attempt to provide accurate, virus-free and updated information on our Website, we do not guarantee or endorse the accuracy, timeliness and/or safety of any information, content, service and/or operation. You therefore acknowledge and agree that use of our Website is done strictly at your own risk and liability.

You acknowledge and understand that any transmission of data and information via the Internet is never completely secure. While our organization has take reasonable steps to enhance security and confidentiality, it is virtually impossible to provide 100% security, and accordingly, impossible to provide any level of assurance or guarantee that your transmission will be secure. After all, numerous tools and strategies including packet sniffing, viruses, malware, spyware, rootkits, reverse-engineering, hacking and malicious scripts may be used to intercept data and information and/or its transmission either on the user’s computer, our server, or along any of the intermediary transmission nodes in between. While our organization monitors and takes diligent steps to secure our server(s), we have no control over user computers nor any intermediary transmission nodes. Accordingly, you must exercise reasonable diligence and caution in all transmissions of data and information made, and accordingly, if you choose to make any transmission(s), agree to do so entirely at your own risk.

By using and/or accessing our Website, you agree not to hold us in any way nor in any event responsible for any damages and/or other losses based on claims in any way connected to our Website, regardless of whether such damages and/or losses are direct, indirect, special, punitive, incidental or consequential, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages and/or losses or ought to have known of the possibility of such.